Monday, July 9, 2012

Amacama Adventures

This is a list of all the blogs written about the place I work, Mayacama Golf Club, and all the hilarious, and wonderful things that go on there. For the most part I work with the kids of Mayacama. These kids are each amazing and I am already dreading the day a year from now when I will be leaving my little slice of heaven.  If you're in need of a laugh, just click away, you're sure to find one mixed in this bunch.

What Are Those??
What do you do, when a three year old asks you about tampons??

How May I ASSIST You?
I'm great at assisting people, did you know?

Art and Magic Camp
I survived my first camp as Assistant Camp Director!!

Promotion Success!!
Had a meeting with my boss to discuss my performance while she was gone. 

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