Sunday, July 22, 2012

Amacama Adventures: Art and Magic Camp

I did it!! 
I made it through my first camp officially in charge. 
Well technically I am not done yet. 
I have a few things to do tomorrow, 
but the camp itself is over, and I think that calls for a big
It was easier, and yet harder than I thought. 
It was easier because most of what I did so far this week was part of my old job. 
It was harder because of the added stress of knowing
 it's on me if something goes wrong. 
I also had to get there a little earlier 
and stay a little later to take care of day to day things. 
But I was happy to do that, more hours means more money. 

And boy am I seeing the money! 
Got my paycheck this week and I'm pretty sure I looked exactly like this. 

This weeks camp was Art and Magic. 
It was so fun! 
I worked it last year too, but I liked it even more this year. 
It was fun to see how the kids have grown. 
It was so nice to see our magician and his mom again too. 
Did I mention that our Magician was just 17?
Yeah. Kinda insane. 
You can see some of his skills here: 
(am I the only one who totally read that in a Napolian Dynamite voice?)
Julian aka "Magic Dude"

He worked so well with the kids!
He clearly demanded their best, but was also kind to them.
He pushed them to practice practice practice
and even put himself out there,
admitting that he messes up some times too.

His mom was amazing!
Everything that an art teacher should be!
She was warm, and welcome and open to new ideas.
She really encouraged the kids to explore and create show their individuality.

As usual my co workers were wonderful! 
As you can see, we're really good at taking care of the kids.
(yes, that is a third child on the very bottom) 

(right before they started jumping on each other)

A magic hat I helped to design. 

"Why did the skeleton cross the road?
To get to Art and Magic camp!" 
-4 year old AJ

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