Friday, June 29, 2012

How We Met

So I get asked pretty often how I met Jonathan. 
I honestly do think it was fate.
*insert gag sound here at the cheese factor*
He is from Texas, and joined the CG some what on a whim, 
I was at SSU only because I didn't get into my first choice for school. 
Seems like our lives both gave us a little push to be in Rohnert Park. 

We met at a dance. 
A dance neither of us wanted to go to. 
His room mate convinced him to go out, just this once.
I was almost run off the road, and turned around to drive back home
but thought of my room mate, who's sorority was holding the dance, 
and knew I couldn't let her down.
Did I mention the only reason he and his room mate knew about the dance, 
was because they ran into an old friend of his room mate's at Panda Express
Neither his room mate, nor this friend even knew the other way in the area, 
this friend of his happened to also be in the sorority throwing the dance. 
Um, I'd say that's a little bit of fate pushing us together, wouldn't you?

(the ad for the dance we met at)

He says he saw me the second he walked in. 
I was talking to my room mate, Rachel
(Looking back on it, 
this was probably when I was telling her 
about almost being hit by a car)
 Any way, he sat down at a booth with his room mate, 
and the sorority girls, and never took his eyes off me. 
He says the second he saw me all he could think was
"I have to talk to that girl

The first time I saw him
was when I was putting my purse down at the table, 
Rachel introduced me to all her sisters. 
I don't remember seeing any one, or hearing any names, 
I just remember this guy, 
staring at me, 
giving me this big, 
ear to ear,

(His smile probably looked something like that,
But I remember it being even bigger hahahaha)

After saying a total of two sentences to me, 
he handed me his phone and said
"Put in your number"
and shockingly enough I did
First time I've ever done that.

It was the grin that got me. 
Well that, and he was the hottest guy I had ever seen. 
And he kept staring at me! 
And making small talk with me! 
Hot guys talking to me?
It was such a foreign concept 
I thought only one thing could explain it
(because there was no way hottie was interested in me)
He has to be gay. 
He must sense that I am friendly to the homos
and that's why he is talking to me. 
No way hottie is interested in me
I'm not pretty enough. 

(NPH, one of the hottest gay men out there, 
am I right ladies??)

By the end of the night, an after party had been cooked up by the girls
and he begged me to meet him there, 
literally, begged. 
Maybe he was strait? 
I finally agreed, and met him at the party
I don't remember a single thing he said. 
I just remember sitting next to him, 
in aw of how hot he was
Classy. I know. 

Right before I left, he asked me if I could hang out
Though my shock I must have invited him to a potluck I was having
Thank goodness I did,
Because he showed up the next day with his room mate. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amacama Adventures: What are Those??

So the golf club I work at, 
Seriously, I hit the peak of my working life, 
at only 22 years old. 
Kind of a depressing thought. 

Any way, this place is beautiful to look at, 
pays well 
has incredible members
and I get one of the best women as my boss.
Seems too good to be true right? 
I am one lucky girl! 

I work in the kids section, 
in camps for the kids during the summer, 
"Kids Nights" during the winter, 
and babysitting between. 
These kids are all amazing. 
They are all sweet, 
and mostly funny

I decided I should document some of the adventures 
and hilarious things these kids do. 
I call it, Amacama Adventures 
(one of the girls I babysat kept calling Mayacama "Amacama" haha)

Adventure # 1: 
It was my first shift ever, at Mayacama! 
I was way too pumped
Took a picture of myself with my fancy new name tag on
before I left the house. Slightly pathetic? Probably.

Any way, my shift was a kids night
with two older boys (I believe they were 15 and 12?)
And a set of twins who were 3(?)
Now these twins were adorable!!! 
A boy and girl, 
who stole my heart the second I saw them

At one point in the night, 
the twins needed the potty. 
So we took the elevator "up, up up", 
to the top floor where the bathroom was. 

Now a little fact about me, 
I don't do well with naked children, at all. 
It makes me so uncomfortable
bath time, potty time, and diaper changes 
are all my worst night mare. 
I just don't want to take advantage of the parents trust, 
or make the children uncomfortable
This usually results in me looking up at the potty Gods during this time, 
anything to avert my eyes, and give that two year old 
(in this case those three year olds)
the privacy they deserve. 

So I was busy, 
praying to the potty Gods that these kids 
didn't make a mess while my eyes were averted.
and suddenly, the little boy had gotten into the cabinet under the sink. 
He was looking at a nice big box of tampons. 
"What are these?" 

Now another little fact about me, 
I hate to lie to children. 
I try to avoid it at all costs
 so saying what most people would say:
"I don't know"
Just did not cut it. 
But, this is soooo not my place to explain, 
nor are these kids the age to learn, 
what exactly these strange looking things are for. 
So what is a girl to do? 
Distract him

"Lets look in this!" 
I said with as much excitement 
at the adventure of looking in a basket
I could muster, just as his sister flushed and joined us
Together, the three of us open the basket, 
and what do we find in there? 
More. Tampons. 

"What are those?" They both asked me over and over. 
Quick, think, think, think
"Um... they are kinda like toilet paper...
that ladies use some times." 
Yes! Crisis averted
"Oh...You're a lady!" The little boy said,
 pointing at me accusingly
"Uh.... yeah... you know what is more fun than these
Dora The Explorer books down stairs! I'll race you!"
With that we all took off for the elevator. 

Thank you Dora, 
for saving my life.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Just 2 Minutes at a Time

Mrs. Krista Koons from Life is the messy bits
has inspired me and given me an idea for a distraction. 
I am going to transform my body for the second time.

2 years ago I lost 65 lbs, blah blah blah
You know the story.
In the last year, due to everything going on in my life
and getting busy or lazy, I gained some of it back.
Not ok. 

So I plan to loose all that fat,
and then gain the weight back in muscle.
I got smaller now I want to get leaner.
I want to have muscle that shows when I flex
I want to have visible abs!

Today I went for a run
I hate running
So I took it 2 minutes at a time.
I would run for a few minutes, then walk for about three.
This system worked out great and by the end of my run,
a 2 minute at a time jog didn't seem so bad.

 (This is the app I used for a long time! It's quite nice)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust!

Made it through the first month, just 6 more to go! 

I gotta say, I need some advice from some of you guys, 
especially all of you who have gone this long without seeing your guy. 
How do you do it? 
I feel like this is an entirely different playing field than what I usually play in. 
I was in the minors before, this is the big leagues
Not sure how to handle it all.
I mean I knew it would be harder,
I just never knew it would be this much harder. 

You guys got any tips and tricks for how to survive the next 6 months, 
and then 8 months after that? 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Home is Where the Heart is....

Yesterday I was talking on the phone to my daddy, 
who is wonderful at giving advice, 
seriously, you ever need to know what to do?
go to that daddy of mine
I was finally expressing to him how I feel about Ro Po,
the town I'm going to school in,   
The truth is, I hate it here most of the time, 
and I've hated it here most of my college career. 
 Mah Pop and I at a baseball game. <3

Not to say I don't love my friends
Because trust me, 
I do. 
With out them I can honestly say
I would have dropped out
or else killed myself or some one else
They are all truly incredible, 
and are the reason I've made it through the last 4 years
Especially all my English friends, 
They got me through this last year
Don't know what I would have done with out them. 
Our drinking habits helped a bit too..
and our weekly Pub meeting 

Enough side tracking! 
My dad and I were talking about home
and with his help, 
I came to realize my home is a strange one. 
You see, my home I grew up in, 
doesn't feel like "home" 
it hasn't for a while now, 
and that's because it's not. 
I've been moved out for 4 years. 

So next is Rohnert Park, 
It doesn't exactly feel like home either
because it is so temporary 
I'll be leaving in a year. 
This was never the final stop for me and I've know that all along
I've got bigger plans than Ro Po can contain. 
Last was Topeka
Topeka, Topeka, Topeka, 
I have such a strange relationship with that town
It is the town that constantly takes Jonathan away
It is in the state of Kansas, 
always a favorite state of mine, 
100% because of Wizard of Oz

And yet, when I am there I am happier than I knew possible. 
Then I realized, It's not Topeka that is home.
Topeka doesn't make me happy
Topeka doesn't make me feel comfortable
and free to be myself
free to embrace the good and the bad, 
warm and fuzzy in that tummy of mine
But the man who lives there, 
Jonathan Michael Ewing is my home. 

“Home wasn't a set house, or a single town on a map.
 It was wherever the people who loved you were, 
whenever you were together. 
Not a place, but a moment, and then another, 
building on each other like bricks to create a solid shelter 
that you take with you for your entire life, 
 wherever you may go.”
-Sarah Dessen

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Incase You Didn't Know...

My name is Emily

I am 22 years young

I am a college graduate of Sonoma State University

I am a soon to be Elementary School teacher
as I am starting the credential program at SSU

I am a sucker for flowers

I am obsessed with cheese
as well as peach champagne

My family means the world to me, 
especially my mom and dad.

I am dating an incredible man in the US Coast Guard
which means for the 90% of our relationship,
we have been 2,000 miles apart.

I will be moving out to join him in the wonderful town of Topeka, KS
as soon as I am done with my education
(just one more year!!!)

Until then I will be going on adventures with my students,
and my many incredible friends
Come along for the ride. 

Lucky Girl....

Jonathan sent me these beauties Tuesday
They completely brightened my week!
I may or may not have cried when I read the card, 
It was exactly what I needed <3 

"I know you are tired, but just hang in there, 
you are almost done. Just one more year of hell
is so worth a lifetime of happiness"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To Help Pass The Time...

 I thought I'd help out all the long distances I know
by telling them all the things I do to cope. 
For one thing, I can't stand the sound of silence. 
Even if it's only for a minute I go insane
It doesn't matter what I am doing, 
or reading,  
I always have something on, 
Usually music or a movie or TV show of some kind. 

I have watched every episode of Rug Rats
I've watched every episode of Fairly Odd Parents
I've watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy twice
I've watched every episode of Boy Meets World four times 
(as you can tell it's my go-to)
I've watched countless movies
I'm currently working through Charmed

I've also started writing in a journal
It seems like the only thing that helps me. 
I have trouble talking to friends about being down, 
mostly because I don't like to admit when I'm struggling, 
but also because to lots of people my relationship is a joke. 
apparently being happy with the person you are with, 
deserves an eye roll every time they get brought up
it gets a little old. 
Obviously I blog from time to time. 
That helps a bit too, 
because I know that I can say what ever I want, 
any one reading these things, 
are reading them because they want to, 
not because it popped up in their news feed. 
I plan. 
I plan the next time I will see him from the second he leaves. 
I plan everything, 
from what I will wear to pick him up, 
to what we will eat for lunch once we are together. 
Lately I've been planning what we will do 
when after 36 months of being apart, 
we will finally be together. 
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, 
You know you've been apart of a long time when 
the light at the end of the tunnel
is only 17 months left) 
This is what I've come up with: 
Every Friday we will eat some where new
It doesn't matter what kind of food it is, 
but by the end of the year that I live in Kansas, 
we will be masters of Topeka. 
We will know all the best places 
to get all the best food. 
Every other weekend we will go explore a new town. 
I love little towns like that. 
It will be so fun to find these places, 
our very own secret spots, 
that only he and I will know about
and we can call our own. 
I also plan what I am going to cook
When I live with him we will have two incomes
not to mention I won't be in class and will be able to actually work more.
that means we will be able to afford real food
Yes, that's right, real food
To a college student, 
you have no idea how exciting that idea is. 
We can eat multiple things a night! 
like instead of just having mashed potatoes, 
or chicken, 
or a salad, 
because we can't afford to eat too much at once
we can have all three
eat a normal meal! 
So I make menus, 
I google recipes 
and save them into word documents

I also have plans to visit his family, at least every two months. 
he hasn't see them much, 
and that is entirely my fault
I mean it is his choice to come see me, 
but at this point I'm sure they are secretly plotting my death
SO, I am going to make sure we change this 
and will see them much more.

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Been So Long!

It feels so weird to be back on this thing.
I haven't blogged in forever. 
Mostly because lots of the stuff I wanted to talk about
I couldn't. 
Not because I didn't want to
well maybe a little cuz I didn't want to
I am way better at being happy than admitting when I'm sad
or need help, not that it isn't obvious when I am sad. Woops.
I couldn't because I needed to keep the privacy of my family
Who didn't want to be broadcasting what was happening to the world
But after a year, we finally seem to be on the mend. 
(or as on the mend as we can be)
So I decided I'd give this another try. 
I've been missing it lately. 

Now as I'm pretty sure every one of you who read this know me
I don't feel the need to update you on my life
You've seen it all played out on FaceBook
or else in person. 
The one thing I will say, 
in case you didn't hear

Yup, yours truly graduated 
On time,
with a decent GPA
Did I mention the fact that I should have been kicked out freshman year because my grades were SO low?
Yeah, so I'm feeling quite proud of myself. 

So far this summer I've managed to read 4 books. 
Yes. I said that right. 
I, the slowest reader in the world
Have read 4 books in the last 4 weeks. 
They were amazing, 
The New Abs Diet (gotta be lookin good when I see mah man!)
Unbearable Lightness (so moving!)
Home Front (Found the truth of war for female soldiers)
Dead as a Doornail (got my hot vampire fix) 
 Now I'm on The Witching Hour
a birthday gift from my room mate
I started it last night at about 1 am, so I'm only on page 10, 
but it seems pretty good so far. 
(Basically this is how many books I'll have read by the end of the summer)

I also got to see Jonathan. 
He was here for a whole 2 weeks
It went by way too fast, 
especially cuz I won't see him for another 7 months
Way longer than we've ever gone before. 
But the difference this time is, 
I know we can do it. 

Whew! I did it! 
That was a lot easier than I thought!