Saturday, August 4, 2012

Amacama Adventures: Promotion Success!!

My boss came back Monday
The other morning she texted me and asked if I could call
or text her to talk about my schedule. 
I did her one better and swung by with my mom on our way to a near by town. 
(we had so much fun today! I'll update you about that when I tell about the entire trip!)
Any way, I walked in and hadn't realized how much I had missed her. 
It was so wonderful to see her bright beautiful smile again. 

(hahah best pic I could find to depict "beautiful smile")

She dove right in telling me how many compliments she has gotten about me. 
She has gotten good feedback from the Administrative Team, 
from parents, 
and possibly most importantly, 
my peers. 

See, I worked side by side with these amazing people for over a year. 
They are all my age. 
Up until this point we have always been equals. 
While I don't consider myself their superior in any way
It was my job while Denise was away to take the lead, and give direction when needed. 

(did NOT want this to be me!)

I was terrified about this transition. 
I didn't want to be too soft, and have us fall behind, 
but I didn't want to be too rough and over step my boundaries. 
I tried my best to find that balance, and to ask for feed back. 
I checked in with every one at different points, 
"Am I communicating well with you?
Is there anything I need to do better or different?" 
Turns out I did it all well! 

To top it all off my boss is staying on
See I got promoted to her assistant and trained in the Admin department
because she wasn't sure if she was going to quit or not. 
She missed it so much wile she was away she decided she will stay. 
The big guys at Mayacama told her that she could hire on a more permanent assistant
and without hesitation, she asked me to be that person! 

Needless to say I couldn't stop beaming for about two hours. 
I am so honored and proud for his permeant promotion. 
I don't know what I did to deserve this, 
but I am so thankful that I got the chance. 

(Yup, that's where I work, insane huh?)

(oh, and not to worry, 
my boss said she knows school comes first, 
and will work around my class and exam schedule
 and make sure I don't fall over dead at any point)

So proud of all the Coasties out there.
This is one branch in the military that I personally feel is severely undervalued.
Most people don't even know they exist let alone the they are a part of the military.
While they may not go over seas, or (for the most part) be as at risk of being killed,
these men and women sacrifice a lot for our safety, just like our other soldiers.
and I am so proud to say that I am in love with one of them.

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