Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Amacama Adventures: How May I ASSIST You?

So at Mayacama we are responsible for assisting members when ever they may need help. 
When working at the pool it is part of my job to assist them in moving umbrellas. 
When working at the kids camp it is part of my job to assist the kids in our activities. 
We are always looking out for our fellow staff members 
and are ready to assist, if they need help. 
I have assisted kids to complete their homework on time. 
I've assisted the cart guys in parking golf carts.
Once, I even got to assist the pasty chef in making some chocolate goodies. 
Are you noticing a pattern here?
Thought so. 

I was promoted to assistant!!! 
Yes, that's right, yours truly was promoted
I am so excited for all the experience I am gaining because of this new job. 
The things I am learning, and skills I am gaining, will open up all new doors for me.
Not to mention the people I am meeting and getting to know. 
See, working in the kids section of Mayacma, you end up being kind of an outsidder
The kids camps are all at the pool, and the kids room is off to the side of the club, 
so not many people know me, and I don't know them. 
But all that is changing, I'm starting to really feel like a part of the Mayacama team

that'll be me in a few weeks, just wait!

My new responsibilities feel endless
I never fully realized how much work goes into the prep for each of these camps, 
and I'm not really even doing half of it. 
I am completely amazed by how easy my boss makes it all look. 
I mean none of it is hard persay, 
it's just a lot to remember and keep track of. 
My boss is going to be gone for over three weeks this summer, 
which means I will be responsible for making sure things run smoothly, 
and the correct people get payed, billed, and everything in between while she is gone.
I'm a little terrified, but mostly excited
This weekend I finally felt like I was getting the hang of things. 

If I stop posting,
its because I pushed the red button, 
and Mayacama blew up. 

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