Sunday, July 15, 2012

Something Every Girl Should Do.

Tonight I did something that I've decided every girl should do once in a while. 
I gave myself a pedicure complete with Foot Scrub and massage. 
I hate feet, especially my feet. (I think it's a dancer thing, we have messed up feet for life) 
After treating myself to this my feet feel so nice and soft! 
I just wanna lay in bed and feel them. 
Creepy? Yes

The Tools: Foot Scrub, nail stick thing (to remove cuticles) clippers, nail file, polish

Here is your guide to The Emily Pedicure
Step 1. Soak feet in warm water
Step 2. While cuticles are still soft, remove them (This will make polish last longer
Step 3. Use any kind of foot scrub, massage feet, rinse well after
Step 4. Dry feet and massage with lotion
Step 5. Cut and shape nails (depending on your nails strength you may want to do this first, weaker nails should not be soaked before cutting, strong nails can go either way)
Step 6. Paint nails.
Step 7. Enjoy

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  1. Hi there! Glad to find another CG family blogger :)