Thursday, July 26, 2012

Just Call Me Picasso

I've had the painting bug lately.  
See, I'm not the best painter in the world, so I was quite proud of this baby. 

Do you notice that this one is multi demential
The tree has texture as does the sand. 
I was pretty impressed by that little fact. 

This one I just kinda threw together. 
I got stuck after drawing the sky, and had a completely white bottom half. 
What to do to take up lots of space?? 
Throw in some hills!! 
Jonathan decided that it's called 
"Jonathan's Anguish" 
because it is all dark and sad, but there is a ray of hope in the bright sun. 
The dark is the distance, the sun is it being over in a year. 
(gotta love that cheesy man of mine!) 

Obviously this one was birthed from the first one.
I can't decide which one is my favorite. 
I love the colors in this one, but the first one blends so much nicer.
The oranges and reds look awesome fading into one another.

(this one has a lot more pink and purple in it than shows up here, 
the hills for example, are made up completely of pinks and purples. 
I think it's much prettier in person than it shows up here)

I think I'd like to make a third one next with a night sky. 
One could be the sunrise, 
one could be the sunset, 
and then right in the middle could be the night. 
What do you guys think? 
Which one looks like a sunrise and which looks like a sunset to you?
I know which one I think looks like which time of day, 
but I wanna hear your thoughts!


  1. these are great! my 3 yo would love the pirate saying in his room! Id say the one with the blue is the sunset and the reds oranges is sunrise... am I right?!

    1. hahaha! I don't think there is a right answer. I keep flip flopping back and forth actually. You could totally make that pirate one! It was super fun and easy. :)

  2. Hey! Thankyou for your comment on my blog! You are so talented! Love these paintings:) xo
    I think the painting on the right looks more like a sunset