Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Amacama Adventures: What are Those??

So the golf club I work at, 
Seriously, I hit the peak of my working life, 
at only 22 years old. 
Kind of a depressing thought. 

Any way, this place is beautiful to look at, 
pays well 
has incredible members
and I get one of the best women as my boss.
Seems too good to be true right? 
I am one lucky girl! 

I work in the kids section, 
in camps for the kids during the summer, 
"Kids Nights" during the winter, 
and babysitting between. 
These kids are all amazing. 
They are all sweet, 
and mostly funny

I decided I should document some of the adventures 
and hilarious things these kids do. 
I call it, Amacama Adventures 
(one of the girls I babysat kept calling Mayacama "Amacama" haha)

Adventure # 1: 
It was my first shift ever, at Mayacama! 
I was way too pumped
Took a picture of myself with my fancy new name tag on
before I left the house. Slightly pathetic? Probably.

Any way, my shift was a kids night
with two older boys (I believe they were 15 and 12?)
And a set of twins who were 3(?)
Now these twins were adorable!!! 
A boy and girl, 
who stole my heart the second I saw them

At one point in the night, 
the twins needed the potty. 
So we took the elevator "up, up up", 
to the top floor where the bathroom was. 

Now a little fact about me, 
I don't do well with naked children, at all. 
It makes me so uncomfortable
bath time, potty time, and diaper changes 
are all my worst night mare. 
I just don't want to take advantage of the parents trust, 
or make the children uncomfortable
This usually results in me looking up at the potty Gods during this time, 
anything to avert my eyes, and give that two year old 
(in this case those three year olds)
the privacy they deserve. 

So I was busy, 
praying to the potty Gods that these kids 
didn't make a mess while my eyes were averted.
and suddenly, the little boy had gotten into the cabinet under the sink. 
He was looking at a nice big box of tampons. 
"What are these?" 

Now another little fact about me, 
I hate to lie to children. 
I try to avoid it at all costs
 so saying what most people would say:
"I don't know"
Just did not cut it. 
But, this is soooo not my place to explain, 
nor are these kids the age to learn, 
what exactly these strange looking things are for. 
So what is a girl to do? 
Distract him

"Lets look in this!" 
I said with as much excitement 
at the adventure of looking in a basket
I could muster, just as his sister flushed and joined us
Together, the three of us open the basket, 
and what do we find in there? 
More. Tampons. 

"What are those?" They both asked me over and over. 
Quick, think, think, think
"Um... they are kinda like toilet paper...
that ladies use some times." 
Yes! Crisis averted
"Oh...You're a lady!" The little boy said,
 pointing at me accusingly
"Uh.... yeah... you know what is more fun than these
Dora The Explorer books down stairs! I'll race you!"
With that we all took off for the elevator. 

Thank you Dora, 
for saving my life.

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