Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Ever, I Had it Worse Than You!

Woah! Blogging? What is that??
Uh yeah, about the fact that I haven't been on here. 
Cred Program kills. 
Mondays I have a 12 hour day of classes/library/home work
Tuesdays I have 8 hours of elementary school then usually 4-5 hours of science work
Wednesdays I have 8 hours of elementary school, 
then just enough time to get to campus for 3 hours of class. 
Thursdays I have 3 hours of class and then laundry/cleaning/home work. 
Weekends are spent working a total of 12 hours usually 
(not bad at all I'm not about to pretend it is)
and then doing about 15 hours of home work 
and attempting to have a day of rest/friends some where in there.

Uh yeah, pretty sure I've never been this busy
and pretty sure I never will be again, 
even when I'm teaching full time AND a mom, 
I don't think it will compare to this.
Well I hope it won't compare to this, 
for my own sanity.   
All this means Jonathan and I usually don't talk 
and when we do it is for five minutes
while I am driving to class or home before starting on home work. 
fun crap. NOT. 

Any way, I just had to get some stuff I've noticed out there, 
I need to vent to people who get me!
Hence this blog.

1. People who aren't in a long distance relationship, 
tend to talk about them like it is a choice. 
Which to an extent, it is, 
but I gotta say, I chose Jonathan, not 2,000 miles
It kinda drives me insane when they try to point out that I chose this. 

2. People who have done distance 
 tend to like to tell you why you have it so much easier than they do/did, 
rather than bonding over the fact that you both are in a crappy situation. 
Either they saw their partner less than you did, 
or talked to their partner less than they assume you do, 
or they blew up their left thumb attempting to text their partner,
 It's always something.
(pretty sure almost every long distanc-er I know has done that to me) 

3. The military sucks, 
they let people in charge of dishing out leave, 
go on leave and then don't have a way to dish it out. 
This results in you having to wait for approval 
and tickets going up by $180 bucks, 
something you can't afford, gonna be fun figuring that one out.

(3.2 The long distanc-ers I was talking about earlier
are probably thinking about how they had it worse right now.)

4. Pretty sure teaching is one of the hardest, 
most complicated, 
and least recognized jobs out there. 
It's insane now that I am learning about it all, 
how miss-informed the public is about education, 
and how the education system works, 
yet they think they know 
and think they know what is to blame, teachers, 
which for the most part, is entirely inaccurate.

5. Nothing makes me happier after a long day
than "Hawiian Roller Coaster Ride" from Lilo and Stitch

Sorry this blog has no pretty pictures,
or my usual colorful words.
I wrote it in my home work break,
now I have to get back to my paper about Special Education.