Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Trying to Get Motivated

I've been trying to get motivated to get back into fitness
This year was a hard, stress filled year. 
That meant any and all of my health goals went by the wayside. 
Which means I gained back some of the weight that I worked so hard to loose. 
Even though most people say they can't tell, I am still not ok with this little fact. 

One of my "health" goals for myself is to care less about the number on the scale. 
Another health goal is to stop making myself do workouts I don't wanna do. 
No more running unless I'm really in the mood! 
What that means, is I am getting myself a road bike!
I just have to figure out which one is a "good reliable" bike. 
I also wanna start eating healthy again. 
I've started by giving up all soda (because honestly, I don't like it much any way) 
I've also started limiting myself to only having sugar on Sunday.
I'm thinking about trying to go meatless a few days a week.

These are my "before" photos.
I never took any when I first started loosing weight and I regret it.
Now that I am determined to get killer abs I figured
my before pictures should include my stomach.
Kiiinda nervous about posting them, but I figure this will help motivate me, right?
This is my "you better get healthy!" face

 Couldn't resist the Prego belly pic. I know. I'm hot.

You guys have any other ideas of things to do?
Care to join me in this?


  1. I'm right there with you! I don't like soda either, so that was really easy to give up. I definitely couldn't limit myself to only having sugar on one day a week! My goal is to change things that I can keep for life. I know I'll eat sugar often for the rest of my life, so my focus is more on portion control and being calorie conscious. We've been trying to go meatless once a week, too, which has not only helped our diet, but also our grocery bill! I just bought a bike, too, and the husband and I are starting to train for sprint triathlons. It's so much easier to exercise consistently when you have someone to do it with!

    Good for you on all of those changes! Can't wait to see some after pictures! You can do it!

    1. Becky! It helps a lot just to know that you're with me on this! Every time I'm craving something bad I'll just think of you! haha! I agree though, it's all about portion control, no way could I give up sugar for good! I figure limiting myself to Sundays will help me limit my intake. :D Best of luck to you as well hun! <3 <3

  2. Linked over from your spot on Whiskey Tango Foxtrot! So glad to have found you!!

    I look forward to getting to know you,

    1. Kara! I'm SO glad you came my way! Can't wait to get to know you as well! <3

  3. Feeling healthy is the best! No matter what people say, its most important that you feel satisfied with yourself.
    My husband has shed nearly 10 kg's this year by exercising everyday, we cut out carbs at night and eat only skinless chicken and fish served with plenty of fresh veg, and only eat red meat once or twice a week.
    Takes some dedication but its worth it when you feel good! Good luck! You can do it!!

    1. Dang! Those are some great ideas! Yeah, I lost about 50lbs before but then some stuff happened with my family last fall and I slowly gained some of it back in the last 9 months, time to get back into shape cuz I do agree, feeling healthy is AMAZING!