Monday, July 9, 2012

Just call me Heidi Klum

The last time I flew out to see Jonathan
It was to surprise him! 
While I was there
Miss Laura (the love of my life) Hagood
took photos of us. 

Laura was incredible
And I'm not just saying that because I love her. 
She was so willing and ready to listen to us and what we wanted. 
At one point I commented that a little fence was cute, 
and she excitedly said we could take pictures near it. 
She let me try my ideas, even if they were weird
and even if she could tell they wouldn't work.
She would let me do my thing, 
and then gently give an idea of how to make it a little nicer. 
She worked with us through our awkward moments, 
and encouraged us to be natural. 
She made me feel so beautiful through the entire thing
and was jumping on things, 
climbing things
and crawling through things, 
all to get the perfect pictures.
I am a girl who hates being photographed,
but with Laura, by the end of the shoot I was left wanting more!
Just call me Heidi Klum
I know that anyone would be happy with her as a photographer! 
I thought I would post a few! 
So you all could see for yourself.


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  1. So just thought I linked this post to my new photography website that I'm working on <3