Wednesday, May 11, 2011

You're So Much Stronger!!

It is the hardest
Most painful
work out.
and I am in love

So I'm sure that you all know
that I have lost a ton of weight
blah blah blah
you heard the story. 
What you don't know 
is that once I reached the goal that I had set, 
that I didn't think it was possible for me to reach.
I hit a slump
I stayed at that weight for almost 6 months
Which isn't a bad thing
I just wasn't trying to get healthy any more
I was so happy I had hit this 
"unimaginable" weight
I stopped working out in a really good way
stopped pushing myself that hard
didn't eat very healthy
deffinately not unhealthy
but not as healthy as I could
I got out of this slump a little once Jonathan left
but not really

Then, along came Erin
posting nonsense about "play lists
and "teaching a class
and "excitement." 
all kinds of crazy stuff.
So I figured I'd go see what all 
this madness was about
Boy was I in for a shock. 
I went to that first class and almost died
I thought I was going to pass out when walking down the stairs
and downed a 18 fl oz bottle of water
in about 5 minutes. 
I was hooked. 

The thing that has amazed me about cycling
is it never gets any easier. 
Sure you get down the form, 
get used to the bike
stuff like that,
but there is never a class
that I walk out with out shaky legs
there is never a time that I am not covered in sweat

Then there's Erin. Where to start?
She is an AMAZING instructer
She pushes you and helps you push yourself. 
From the way I'm talking about cycling you'd think 
I love every minute right?
soooo wrong!
I am dying to get off after about 15 minutes
but Erin sits there at the front of the class, 
playing the best music
with a big smile on her face, 
pushing herself just as hard as you are pushing yourself, 
and some how she makes you say to  yourself. 
"Yeah! Come on! You got this!
Just push it!"

She also never lets you forget, 
that cycling is all self motivation
it's not like other classes, 
where every one can see if you're not doing it
or if you're not putting your all in
you're the only one who sees the resistance
the only one who sees your RPMs
that means that she both lets, 
and encourages you
to take the credit for your new found strength
To me that is amazing!
if I were her I would be braggin like
"Yeah, I'm the one who wooped your butt into shape! 
bow down be-otch!!"
She will take any thanks I give her, 
but in the most modest way. 

Today in class, one of our last ones
she walked up and said
"OMG Emily! It is crazy! You're so much stronger!
Like to think back three moths ago!
You're so much stronger now!"
I felt like I was gonna explode
to hear that kind of complement from her,
The girl who rides 80 miles to Davis,
Was the highlight of my week
(would be my month, but the semester is ending, 
that wins. Sorry Erin! LOL)
She and I have even been talking
about meeting up every once in a while
to do cycling together during the summer.
I can't wait to continue the classes next semester
Who knows, maybe with Erin's help
I'll be just like Lance Armstrong

God knows I've got that look mastered!
I do it after every class!

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