Wednesday, May 25, 2011

How To Melt A Girls Heart In 5 Minutes Or Less

So I just remembered this conversation
That Curly and I had the night before he left CA
Names have been change to protect the privacy of people. 

Me: "I'm scared for you to live in a new State."
Him: "We talked about this, it'll be fine, 
we'll talk on the phone as often as we can"
Me: "No I mean, what if you meet some one new, some one better"
Him: "Emily you know that's not possible, you're it for me.
You're the one."
Me: "Well obviously George thought Rachel was it 
because they were engaged 
but then he met Lauren and realized
she was the love of his life, not Rachel. . . 
What if I'm your Rachel and you meet your Lauren."
Him: "Emily that's not going to happen."
Me: "How do you know? Because I'm your Lauren?"
Him: "No. Because Lauren is George's Emily."

Maybe it doesn't read as cute as it really sounded,
but needless to say I was a ball of tears all over again after he said it
(Curly is the name I've come up with for my man. 
If you've seen Oklahoma, 
and know how bad I wanted to marry Curly/a cow boy
You'll totally get that. 
Plus I figure my man is a Texan, 
a cow boy by default. So it fits, yeah?
I officially got my first creeper view, 
and want to protect my man a little more, you never know.
PS, is it bad that I'm kinda proud to get
my first creeper on my blog?)

 (For those of you who didn't see,
these are the flowers he got me
for our one year a few weeks ago. ^_^)

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