Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Take Back All Those Mean Things I Said About You...

(My dad used to always say that ^ to me when I was little lol!)
I'm sorry but if you think you've got the best parents ever
You're sorely mistaken! 

(I realized while searching my computer for pictures, 
I have NO pics of me, my mom, and dad that are recent
I will change that this summer)
So it is decided that I have the best mom and dad ever.
After having a nice long catch up chat
with my dad on the phone,
I confessed that I'm a little stressed out about money
and how I'm going to afford everything I want to do with my man.

Super dad to the rescue said he would be willing
to top off my gas tank in Chico
for the drive to the cabin
SCORE 1 for dad
Then my dad tells me that depending on prices
he might rent a boat to watch the fire works from
I know that it might not happen
it all depends on price,
but he is looking into it which is awesome
SCORE 2 for dad!
He has been super understanding and helpful
with this whole summer school mess
and has been giving me the push I need
to figure it all out
SCORE 3 for dad!!

Now onto my mom.
I probably spend about two hours
total on the pone with my mom each week
She always makes me feel better when I'm stressed
and is real with me but some how still comforting
SCORE 1 for mom!!
On Monday and Tuesday of next week
My mom is driving up here to help me
clean the apartment, and move into my new room
I'd say that counts as a triple score
SCORE 2, 3, & 4 for mom!!

I'd say they are pretty amazing parents, wouldn't you??

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