Monday, May 9, 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.

OMG I am so excited!!
my best friends fiance is coming home


Now first I need to tell you a few things about this girl
I met miss Megan Reah 1 year and 4 months 
ago we hit it off pretty much right away
and became inseperable after about 2 months of class together
it is impossible to describe what hanging out with her is like
She is one of the most kind hearted people I have ever met
She makes me laugh just by being herslef 
every time I hang out with her the time flies by
even if we are just siting in my car talking
before we know it 3 hours has gone by and it felt like 15 minutes 
when I go even 2 weeks with out seeing her I get moody 
and I feel like it's been at least 2 months.
It is her support and love that gives me strength
when I am missing my man.

Now Megan and Emilio are the definition of true love
He is her prince
She is his princess 
I'm not gonna lie,
I had my doubts before I met him
because I am extremely protective of her
but after 20 minutes of being with him
I fell in love
They just fit together perfectly
it is obvious seeing them that they were meant to be

 Words can not express how excited I am for these two
They have had to go the last 2 years
living 8,857 miles away from each other
(an estimate as I don't know his exact address)
He is going to be stationed in San Diego 
that is almost 8,300 miles closer
not to mention the same time zone
 every time I think about the fact that he is coming home I get giddy
I feel just as excited for her as I do for myself when I get to see Jonathan

What I am trying to say is congratulations
I love you both so much, 
and can't wait to see what the future holds for you Mr. and Mrs. Ramos

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