Friday, May 6, 2011

Silly Rabbit! Love Never Lasts!

I have had 7 people tell me my relationship will not last.
5 people tell me that the happy phase will end
6 people tell me not to get used to things the way they are
because they will end in time. 
I have to say, few things piss me off more than hearing this.

The number one thing I hear about my relationship is 
"You're too young to really be in love"
I have just a few things to say to that. 
One: I am old enough to have just one year left of college
Two: I am old enough to drive
Three: I am old enough to vote
Four: I am almost old enough to drink
Five: I am old enough to have been living with out my parents for three years

If I am old enough, an mature enough to do all those things
than in what way am I not old enough to be in love?
Better question, exactly what age is "old enough" 
if I'm not old enough to be in love, 
that means I'm not old enough to love, 
so, sorry mom and dad, 21 years of me telling you I love you,
All lies, all bull
because I'm too young to know what love is.

To all the comments about how 
The honeymoon phase will not last
that this love will not last.
We are so past the honeymoon phase
We are no longer blinded by love
into thinking that we are both perfect
in his eyes I am not on a pedestal
In my eyes he is not up on a pedestal
Our relationship is hard
Our relationship is work
Our relationship is challenged all the time by the distance
And some days, the distance wins.
I am in no way "blinded by love" 
Our relationship is real, 
and it just so happens that it's also full of love 

I am sorry if you never got to experience
a real relationship, that is hard at times
but still full of so much love that any hurtles are more than worth the work
But you don't have to take your anger about that fact
out on people who have been lucky enough to find such a relationship

In ending, all I have to say is
The Happy Turtle sends all haters a chin wave
(LOL! I love you Curly!)


  1. I feel ya on this one girl. Let them say what they want, they have no idea what their talking about

  2. PSH!! My husband and I got together when we were 18.... we got married and have been together a little over 6 years now. We also had a six month long distance phase in the beginning, so been there done that. The thing about love is if you have it, you know. Everyone has an opinion, and many are negative but you can't let it affect you. They've been hurt and because it didn't work for them they are convinced it won't work for you. This is partly because they care, but partly (I think) because misery loves company. I say do what you want and love who you want. Cliche a bit, but I like that famous quote "those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."

  3. I had a total deja vu moment so if I've ranted about this to you before hahahahah sorry. Reminders never hurt though. ;) I miss the days when my brain functioned properly.