Friday, May 20, 2011


So I don't know about you,
but lately my life has been all about stress
Between work, helping people move, 
signing a new lease, figuring out finance, 
45 pages worth of writing for finals, 
And trying to figure out summer school/graduation
I've been feeling like I'm going to explode. 
I'm guessing a lot of you are feeling the same way
with Finals and such
So I'm going to give you a few tips
I do to help stress, maybe they'll help you too

Tip 1: Play classical or other relaxing music
I recommend Jean-Yves Thibaudet, namely 
The Pride and Prejudice soundtrack 
That CD relaxes me in about 20 seconds

Tip 2: Drink something warm, and comforting
I recommend warm tea or hot chocolate. 
I know it might not feel like you have the time, 
But just pour your self a glass, 
and take five minutes to just sit and drink

Tip 3: Get to bed early, and get up early
You will be amazed with how much you can get done
When you get up just an hour early. 
I am a night person so trust me, I get the temptation to stay up
But more things are open that can help you
with any tasks you need to do that require help

Tip 4: Make a list
Make out a list of all the things you need to do
Then make a second list numbering them in priority
If the list is super long it could bring more stress
But what will help is checking off or crossing out
each thing on your list as it gets done
You'll be amazed at how fast it gets smaller

Tip 5: Take a deep, calming breath
I know that sounds like common sense, 
But when you are stressed some times you forget just to breathe
Taking a moment to remind yourself
could be just what your body needs, 
not to mention it will relax tense muscles a little

Tip 6: Yell
When I am in the car and stressed out
I take in a deep breath, as big as I can get
and while I exhale I yell not super loud
Just powerful, with all your lung support 
Just say aaaaaaa nice and deep, 
picture the stress leaving your body. 
On really bad days I'll do it a few times
You'll be amazed at how well it works
Plus hopefully it will bring a giggle out of you
Which is an awesome stress reliever 

Tip 7: Take a warm bath or shower
I am a HUGE fan of baths
I love to just fill the tub with bubbles or salts
And lay in it for an hour or more. 
I come out feeling relaxed and ready for a restful sleep
And in the morning when I wake up I'm already clean and ready to go

Tip 8: Go to the gym
The gym is such a great break
You are still being active and productive
So you won't feel any guilt for doing it
Plus going to the gym releases endorphins 
endorphins give you the energy you need to take on the day

Tip 9: Take a dance break!
Dance away your stress
Put on your favorite song, 
the one that just makes you want to grove
blast it on your speakers or ipod 
and dance away for three minutes

Tip 10: Stop for a snack
Stop your work for an afternoon snack
Eating something healthy and filling 
will help you focus on your task
you won't be hungry or wondering what to eat
I recommend granola, banana, apples and peanut butter, 
mixed nuts, trail mix, or yogurt.

You will feel so much better 
if you get things done ahead of time
Rather than just in time
Most stress can be avoided 
if you avoid procrastination

"Give your stress wings and let it fly away." ~ Terri Guillements

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