Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's Ok Thursday

I had so much fun doing last weeks "It's Ok Thursday" that I decided to do it again! 

~It's ok that I am as proud as I am of this picture I got at our Safari camp. 
It is a cool picture after all. 

~It's ok that I get defensive every time I see the words 
I, Love, and Boy Meets World 
on any blog/status/profile. 
After all, I have watched the entire series at least 11 times
and I laugh before each joke because I know it's coming, 
so it is essentially my show
(uh...yeah, I've got a problem) 

(my set of BMS DVDs, 
always kept right there next to the player so they are ready to go.)

~It's ok that I am this excited about work this week, 
after all it is ceramic camp,
 and I get to drive one of the massive cars full of kids to our location.

~It's ok that I'm kinda scared to drive one of those massive cars... right? 
It just means I'm being safe and I'm aware that there are mini lives in my hands.

~It's ok that this picture makes me laugh as hard as it does.
(and that this is my millionth time looking at it)

~It's ok that I kinda want to murder my room mate right now.
He did just run into my room, slap my foot, and fart on my bed.
Not to mention I've known him sense we were born,
(our moms even went to preschool together!) 
which means he is like my brother,
my brother who I want to poison via arsenic in his pop tart.

~It's ok that I got as excited to talk to Jonathan last night as I did.
We hadn't talked in a little while and I was starting to miss that boy.


~It's ok that the same room mate mentioned above,
 and I watch Charmed all-the-time
because we mostly like to make fun of it.
Stupid Pheoby and her lack of bra
(also, we like to call Prue, Poo
and say they finally flushed her when she died,
we're supes mature)

So, do you have a show that you feel as possessive about as I do?
What kind of things are you reminding yourself "it's ok" this week?


  1. Don't waste a pop-tart by poisoning it!! lol slip it in something not as great!

  2. I love how your BMW DVDs are so carefully placed right next to your CSET book! :-)

    Also, I'd be terrified to drive one of those big rigs too.

    Happy Friday!