Tuesday, June 19, 2012

To Help Pass The Time...

 I thought I'd help out all the long distances I know
by telling them all the things I do to cope. 
For one thing, I can't stand the sound of silence. 
Even if it's only for a minute I go insane
It doesn't matter what I am doing, 
or reading,  
I always have something on, 
Usually music or a movie or TV show of some kind. 

I have watched every episode of Rug Rats
I've watched every episode of Fairly Odd Parents
I've watched every episode of Grey's Anatomy twice
I've watched every episode of Boy Meets World four times 
(as you can tell it's my go-to)
I've watched countless movies
I'm currently working through Charmed

I've also started writing in a journal
It seems like the only thing that helps me. 
I have trouble talking to friends about being down, 
mostly because I don't like to admit when I'm struggling, 
but also because to lots of people my relationship is a joke. 
apparently being happy with the person you are with, 
deserves an eye roll every time they get brought up
it gets a little old. 
Obviously I blog from time to time. 
That helps a bit too, 
because I know that I can say what ever I want, 
any one reading these things, 
are reading them because they want to, 
not because it popped up in their news feed. 
I plan. 
I plan the next time I will see him from the second he leaves. 
I plan everything, 
from what I will wear to pick him up, 
to what we will eat for lunch once we are together. 
Lately I've been planning what we will do 
when after 36 months of being apart, 
we will finally be together. 
We can see the light at the end of the tunnel, 
You know you've been apart of a long time when 
the light at the end of the tunnel
is only 17 months left) 
This is what I've come up with: 
Every Friday we will eat some where new
It doesn't matter what kind of food it is, 
but by the end of the year that I live in Kansas, 
we will be masters of Topeka. 
We will know all the best places 
to get all the best food. 
Every other weekend we will go explore a new town. 
I love little towns like that. 
It will be so fun to find these places, 
our very own secret spots, 
that only he and I will know about
and we can call our own. 
I also plan what I am going to cook
When I live with him we will have two incomes
not to mention I won't be in class and will be able to actually work more.
that means we will be able to afford real food
Yes, that's right, real food
To a college student, 
you have no idea how exciting that idea is. 
We can eat multiple things a night! 
like instead of just having mashed potatoes, 
or chicken, 
or a salad, 
because we can't afford to eat too much at once
we can have all three
eat a normal meal! 
So I make menus, 
I google recipes 
and save them into word documents

I also have plans to visit his family, at least every two months. 
he hasn't see them much, 
and that is entirely my fault
I mean it is his choice to come see me, 
but at this point I'm sure they are secretly plotting my death
SO, I am going to make sure we change this 
and will see them much more.

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