Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Been So Long!

It feels so weird to be back on this thing.
I haven't blogged in forever. 
Mostly because lots of the stuff I wanted to talk about
I couldn't. 
Not because I didn't want to
well maybe a little cuz I didn't want to
I am way better at being happy than admitting when I'm sad
or need help, not that it isn't obvious when I am sad. Woops.
I couldn't because I needed to keep the privacy of my family
Who didn't want to be broadcasting what was happening to the world
But after a year, we finally seem to be on the mend. 
(or as on the mend as we can be)
So I decided I'd give this another try. 
I've been missing it lately. 

Now as I'm pretty sure every one of you who read this know me
I don't feel the need to update you on my life
You've seen it all played out on FaceBook
or else in person. 
The one thing I will say, 
in case you didn't hear

Yup, yours truly graduated 
On time,
with a decent GPA
Did I mention the fact that I should have been kicked out freshman year because my grades were SO low?
Yeah, so I'm feeling quite proud of myself. 

So far this summer I've managed to read 4 books. 
Yes. I said that right. 
I, the slowest reader in the world
Have read 4 books in the last 4 weeks. 
They were amazing, 
The New Abs Diet (gotta be lookin good when I see mah man!)
Unbearable Lightness (so moving!)
Home Front (Found the truth of war for female soldiers)
Dead as a Doornail (got my hot vampire fix) 
 Now I'm on The Witching Hour
a birthday gift from my room mate
I started it last night at about 1 am, so I'm only on page 10, 
but it seems pretty good so far. 
(Basically this is how many books I'll have read by the end of the summer)

I also got to see Jonathan. 
He was here for a whole 2 weeks
It went by way too fast, 
especially cuz I won't see him for another 7 months
Way longer than we've ever gone before. 
But the difference this time is, 
I know we can do it. 

Whew! I did it! 
That was a lot easier than I thought! 

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