Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust!

Made it through the first month, just 6 more to go! 

I gotta say, I need some advice from some of you guys, 
especially all of you who have gone this long without seeing your guy. 
How do you do it? 
I feel like this is an entirely different playing field than what I usually play in. 
I was in the minors before, this is the big leagues
Not sure how to handle it all.
I mean I knew it would be harder,
I just never knew it would be this much harder. 

You guys got any tips and tricks for how to survive the next 6 months, 
and then 8 months after that? 


  1. To be honest.. I wish there was an easy answer for this.. Tim and I only had the super long distances from each other.. One year I went the entire year only seeing him for a week and 2 days. Then when we got married He went back up to Alaska till he moved to Cali, where I finally joined him.. What made it better for me was living with his family for those 6 months. It helped me feel closer to him being with his family, but when I was still in school and moving 8 hours away to live with his family wasn't an option, I closed up.. Try to stay as busy as possible.. To where you think about him when you stop, least you're able to talk to him throughout the day though, I don't remember talking much to Tim.. I would call and leave voicemails and talk on them like if I was talking to him, and send him texts as if he could reply. He didn't get them till he reached land but he knew he was always on my mind.. The best thing to do is get use to it.. There's a joke around us military women that goes something like this, "He's been gone so long that when he's home it now drives me nuts because we're not use to it anymore, LOL!" And it's true to a certain sense.. I got so use to Tim not being there that when we moved here we would fight and argue because living with someone for a year is nothing like living with them for a couple months or weeks.. Then we got use to always having each other around so much that when I go to visit family Tim begs me constantly to not go.. And when we move here and he gets on a ship and is gone for weeks at a time, I'll have to once again get use to not having him around.. It's always changing.. and really the only thing I can say is you have to be good at adapting, fighting, and looking forward to the goal of seeing him again. It never gets easier.. We will always move around, we will always deal with this, and we will always adapt.. It just takes time.. after a few times of doing so it won't hurt anymore, the pain will be a numbing sensation.. It's like slapping your self in the same spot.. At first it hurt but after a few times, the pain is constantly there and your body numbs it out... your heart will do the same.. Just keep staying active.. <3

  2. Sorry I suck and Im just getting time to sit down and write. BUT, oh man. Advice. Honestly, just keep trucking. If your gonna have to go through this time apart, learn to embrace it. It's the last time in your life you'll be by yourself ya know. Learn to love it, and take advantage of it. It helped me to just never think about the end. Once Joe got a date for coming home, time came to a stop. It went quicker when I just assumed it would never end. Sounds horrible but it really did help. You can do it, and it will eventually be over. It's not forever so just remember that. In 5 years you guys will look back on this, so just remember its going to be end. You guys can do it no problem, stay strong girl!