Friday, June 29, 2012

How We Met

So I get asked pretty often how I met Jonathan. 
I honestly do think it was fate.
*insert gag sound here at the cheese factor*
He is from Texas, and joined the CG some what on a whim, 
I was at SSU only because I didn't get into my first choice for school. 
Seems like our lives both gave us a little push to be in Rohnert Park. 

We met at a dance. 
A dance neither of us wanted to go to. 
His room mate convinced him to go out, just this once.
I was almost run off the road, and turned around to drive back home
but thought of my room mate, who's sorority was holding the dance, 
and knew I couldn't let her down.
Did I mention the only reason he and his room mate knew about the dance, 
was because they ran into an old friend of his room mate's at Panda Express
Neither his room mate, nor this friend even knew the other way in the area, 
this friend of his happened to also be in the sorority throwing the dance. 
Um, I'd say that's a little bit of fate pushing us together, wouldn't you?

(the ad for the dance we met at)

He says he saw me the second he walked in. 
I was talking to my room mate, Rachel
(Looking back on it, 
this was probably when I was telling her 
about almost being hit by a car)
 Any way, he sat down at a booth with his room mate, 
and the sorority girls, and never took his eyes off me. 
He says the second he saw me all he could think was
"I have to talk to that girl

The first time I saw him
was when I was putting my purse down at the table, 
Rachel introduced me to all her sisters. 
I don't remember seeing any one, or hearing any names, 
I just remember this guy, 
staring at me, 
giving me this big, 
ear to ear,

(His smile probably looked something like that,
But I remember it being even bigger hahahaha)

After saying a total of two sentences to me, 
he handed me his phone and said
"Put in your number"
and shockingly enough I did
First time I've ever done that.

It was the grin that got me. 
Well that, and he was the hottest guy I had ever seen. 
And he kept staring at me! 
And making small talk with me! 
Hot guys talking to me?
It was such a foreign concept 
I thought only one thing could explain it
(because there was no way hottie was interested in me)
He has to be gay. 
He must sense that I am friendly to the homos
and that's why he is talking to me. 
No way hottie is interested in me
I'm not pretty enough. 

(NPH, one of the hottest gay men out there, 
am I right ladies??)

By the end of the night, an after party had been cooked up by the girls
and he begged me to meet him there, 
literally, begged. 
Maybe he was strait? 
I finally agreed, and met him at the party
I don't remember a single thing he said. 
I just remember sitting next to him, 
in aw of how hot he was
Classy. I know. 

Right before I left, he asked me if I could hang out
Though my shock I must have invited him to a potluck I was having
Thank goodness I did,
Because he showed up the next day with his room mate. 

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