Sunday, September 11, 2011

WTF Do You Do?

Ok! So this is to all you long distance-ers
Namely Military long distance-ers
While this isn't just to military relationships, 
I think the only ones who can truly relate, 
are Military because their free time is so limited. 
(Grand total of 4 weeks a year 
are allowed to be spent away from work place/base)

So my question to all of you is: 
What do you do when you
don't live any where near your guys family
which means he is forced to choose between you and them
as far as his leave time goes. 
No matter what it is a win win, 
but at the same time no matter what it is a loose loose. 

If he goes to see you, you're ecstatic
but you are sad and feel guilty
because he is not seeing them. 
If he goes to see them, you are over the moon
but at the same time you're sad
and feeling guilty for feeling sad
because you're not getting to see him.

Now I'm asking every one on the interwebs this question
Because as far as I know, 
no one I can think of  that I know personally
has experience with this problem. 
All the military relationships I know 
met before their guys went into the military
which means they are from the same place. 
I am really hoping some one out here, 
in the wide wide interwebs
will have a similar situation
and can relate and give advice. 

Even if you aren't in a similar situation, 
if you think you have some good advice please give it.

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  1. Well my family and my fiance's family both live in the same state, so everytime he comes home he gets to see both of us. If you mean the military family then yeah it's hard. I've known my fiance for almost 7 years, but we started dating 3 months before he left. When he left it was the hardest thing & we've been long distance for almost a year and half. It sucks because you just have to deal with it. He's come here for Christmas when he had 2 weeks off and I've gone to where he's been 2 times - one for his graduation and another time just because. He lives closer now which is better because he can visit more often. It's one of the hardest things ever but you just have to do it because you love him and wouldn't trade anyone for him!