Friday, September 16, 2011

Just call me Jared

So for a while now I've been wanting to get a picture of myself
in jeans the size I wore when I was at my biggest
Today I finally did it.  
Now keep in mind in order to get them on back in the day
I had to 
and just about everything else you can think of
(basically I should have been wearing at least 2 pant sizes larger
to be wearing pants that actually fit me without giving me a muffin top)

The jeans I tried on today were "Jeggings" from AE
Keep in mind, these jeans are supposed to fit
like a second layer of skin

What is amazing is in the legs
there was enough room left to fit at least an arm
I didn't actually try cuz that just sounds painful

(yes, I realize I have that nasty pooch thing, 
but I've been workin on it lol)
This is the side view, the entire front was pulled away from my body
on this you can really see how lumpy and baggy the legs were

Now for how I look in the jeans I wore to the mall
These are a grand total of 6 sizes smaller
and have their own couple inches of breathing room

Just call me Jared from Subway. :)

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