Friday, September 2, 2011

The Matrix Has You.

"Welcome to the real world" 
WTF is up with that sentence? 
I've heard it more times than I can count. 
I heard it when I started high school 
I heard it when I started college
I heard it when I got my first job. 
I heard it when I took my first load of 18 units
Now I've heard it from 3 people
talking about my 20 units and 3 jobs. 
I'm not mad at any one person
Just mad at the sentence. 

No one says it in a welcoming way
Just a sarcastic way.
People say it and what they mean is 
"Please! I've been doing that 
for years now, 
welcome to my life"
What I wanna know is
When will I ever be in the 
"Real" World? 
What is the "real" world?
Why have I been living in a fake world my entire life?
When will I stop being welcomed into this 
"real" world
And just be let in

Supposedly the "real" world or 
"real" life
was going to start with college
But now that I'm there
people talk about graduation 
and talk about entering the 
"real" world or starting "real" life. 
Again... what have I been doing up till now
Pretending to live in a pretend world? 
I guess the Matrix has me.

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