Monday, September 5, 2011

My Safe Way Story.

So today during my hours of homework time, 
no joke, did homework from 10 am to 5 pm
soooo much fun, 
any way, after my hours of homework, 
I decided I'd take a break for some food
always a good reason to break if you ask me. 
Only problem is, I have no food. 
So off to Safe Way I went. 

It was quite a successfull trip as well. 
I got all kinds of yogurt, 
including cotton candy flavored go-gurt
(um, hell yes!)
Safe Way Select Salted Pretzel Carmel ice cream,
some Nature Vally snack bars, 
lunch meat, 
a new candle, 
AND an Amy's Spinach Pizza
only the best pizza in the world! 
(also, sadly most expensive, so I eat it about twice a year)

I made my merry way to my car
unpacked my things
and walked to the front seat when 
 there he was. 
a strange little man 
with a few missing teeth 
crazy grey hair
a huge beer belly
and more man purses 
than Zack Galifianakis would know what to do with

Any way, George, I've named him George, 
George allowed me to get into my front seat, 
as he was just about to walk by the drivers side of the car
as thanks I smiled and nodded as thanks and jumped in
the weird thing was, when he walked by, 
he looked in my car all through the middle and back
and then looked back at me in my side mirror and smiled again. 

George crossed the parking lot and stood there looking at my car
I waited a few seconds and backed out 
only to have him cross to the passangers side of my car
I almost hit him in the process. 
He just stood walking towards my passenger door with a smile on his face. 
Needless to say I smiled, waved and pressed on the gass
I watched him stand in the middle of the parking lot 
watching my car drive away

Once I was safely out of the parking lot I saw George
He was standing on the side walk, 
having followed my car out of the lot
just standing there, 
watching and smiling. 
Now at this point most girls would be creeped out
but for some reason 
I had to try with all my might not to crack up laughing
it just was so funny seeing him out of the corner of my eye
standing there with that toothless smile
obviously contemplating crossing traffic to try to climb into my car. 
Once I pulled away I did indulge in some laughter. 

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