Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rough Patch...

That's right ladies and gents. 
I've hit my first rough patch. 
I'm so proud of myself that it's taken me this long!
I lasted 2 months. :D
That means I am getting better at this crap long distance.

I have hit my rough patch. 
Namely because both Jonathan and I are busy
which means we haven't really talked
in quite some time. 
(well to some people it might seem like not long at all
but for us it feels like it's been forever!
It has been sense... Saturday? I think?)

It has been really hard for me. 
Not being able hear his voice
I have been having trouble falling asleep. 
Not positive why, 
but I think that is one of the many reasons. 
(last night, despite being completely pooped, 
I lay in bed awake starting at 10
until I fell asleep at 2:30)

Aaaany way, I've been loving 
"weird" music lately. 
I say it's weird not because 
there is anything wrong with it, 
just that it is different from what I normally listen to
But who am I kidding? 
I don't have any one genre I stick to.
My itunes has everything from 
Flogging Molly, to Brad Paisley  

This is one of the songs I've become obsessed with
I listen to it a few times a day. 
Home-Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

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