Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thespian at Heart

For those of you who don't know, 
My aunts take my sister and I to Ashland every summer 
for the Shakespeare festival

(no, I did not take this photo, that's not allowed lol!)

It is one of my favorite summer events
Everything about it is incredible
This year we saw
"August: Osage County" 
"Pirates of Penzance"
and "Love's Labour's Lost"
They were each wonderful in their own way
I have to say this year the best one was "Pirates" 
Though nothing will beat last year's "Hamlet"

Then there is Lithia Park
It is one of the most beautiful parks ever
It is filled with all kinds of paths
All varieties of flowers 
The most beautiful streams ever
\And duck ponds complete with turtles and ducks!

Then there's the food
All the food is amazing
Every year we hit up the same four places while on our trip
The Brewery
and Martino's
Then of course there is the ice cream 
we always get after the plays
This year was a sad food year for me
As I chose to stick to my diet. 
I ate a whole lot of salad 
and only indulged in the ice cream once.
It payed off though, it's looking like I didn't gain weight!
(I need to weigh myself tomorrow morning to be sure
but as of this evening's weigh in I was up just .8 lbs
which is what I normally am at the end of the day)

This year the trip also included a second park walk
It was one that had all sorts of gardens
Each garden attracted a different animal 
or taught something new
One we went in was all about birds. 
They even had a model birds nest for kids to play in
Naturally I had a go. 
There was also a lovely boulder for climbing in the park
I took it on. 
Aaron Ralston would have been proud.

It is always a sad day when the trip is over
It is such a fun trip, 
not just because of the food
the parks, or even the plays
but because it is one of the few times a year I get to see my aunts
and now that I am officially moved away from home
few times I get to see my sister
Overall it was an incredible trip, as always

(This is the first picture of myself that I actually like!
I saw it and thought "Dang I look good! I look little!"
I'll be posting a blog dealing with the subject of my confidence soon)

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