Friday, June 3, 2011

Phillip: My Stuffed Prince

Since my human best friend left 9 months ago (Jonathan)
my best friend has become a stuffed bunny from Build A Bear. 

(Yes, I do go out in public with no make up on. 
I find that when I'm not with J. I don't give a crap how I look)

I figured that I have enough blogs about Jonathan
About human friends, family, and other loved ones
It's time I give the bunny that's gotten me through the distance some credit. 
Does that make me pathetic, childlike and a weirdo?
But I figure I wanna be a kindergarden teacher, 
It's good that I hold onto some of those childish habits.

Back to the bunny. His name is Philip
Jonathan and I made him together when we were in Disneyland 
Jonathan named him after Prince Philip who is my favorite prince. 
(He is the one from sleeping beauty for you Disney noobs)

Philip is a special bunny, 
not just because he was made with love
and stuffed to perfection,
but because he has three hearts. 
Yes you heard me right, my mutant bunny has three hearts. 
One heart wished on and brought to life from me
One heart wished on and brought to life from Jonathan
And one heart that is electronic and beats
because my favorite thing to do is just lay next to Jonathan
and listen to his heart beat 
(it beats loud! Lemme tell ya!)

Philip has become my constant sleep companion 
I don't go any where with out him if I know I will be sleeping
He is the first thing I've had sense I was little, 
That I hold through the entire night
even after falling asleep. 
The few times I let him go, 
I wake up in a panic a few minutes later. 

Philip has this amazing hugging ability
When ever I need a hug from Jonathan, Philip is right there. 
He also has that electronic heart, 
That manages to beat even when I don't press the button 
it's always when I am missing Jonathan most. 
Best of all about Philip, he even smells like Jonathan
For Christmas Jonathan bought me a bottle of the cologne he uses
So I can spray it on Phillip and get a nice little scent of Jonathan

 (Phillip traveled with me to see Jonathan both times!) 

 Over all Philip has been one of the best purchases I've ever made
He has gotten me through many lonely nights
and dried countless tears. 
I love you Philip!!
(fun fact: Philip has a sister, Lucy, who lives with Jonathan)

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