Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I relapsed today. 
I was doing so well. 
I teared up a little Monday, 
and not at all yesterday
And then this afternoon came along. 

(this picture cracked me up, I don't know why lol)
I was just sitting in bed thinking. 
Remembering last Summer
and how fun it was
I read all day,
and then hung out with Jonathan
and/or Megan at night. 

Even during Summer school 
it was awesome. 
Mornings with my best friend
Afternoons working out
showering just in time 
to hang out with Jonathan

I just got mad at myself
I took that time for granted
I miss having that gift, 
seeing him every day
being able to talk to him on the phone
every day with out fail
even just texting though out the day
I took all of it for granted

I just got so mad at myself 
for not being more thankful 
and then the water started
and wouldn't stop. 
finally, I decided I'd just write
it's amazing how much better 
writing these makes me feel.
I hope you guys don't get sic of me and my emo ways.

(The new look I'm thinkin of goin for

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