Monday, July 25, 2011

22 isn't THAT big of a number... right?

I've been struggling a lot more than I thought I would
It's been one week, but it feels like 3
It doesn't help that Jonathan is moving
All I want is to be there to help him. 
I didn't realize how much harder it would be
See, normally I have the distraction of school or work
The first time he left, I had school the next day. 
The second time I had school after a few days. 
The third time I had work just 6 hours later
This time, no school, no work, nothing.
So I sit at home all day, bored, missing him.
While writing this I decided that I am going to bake tomorrow, 
or cook. I just want to create something new. 
And do something that will distract me.
I just want to get into my numb place 
and stay there for the next 22 weeks till I see him again.

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