Monday, August 15, 2011

Tomorrow: The day I've been avoiding for 13 months...

Tomorrow is a day I have been running from for 13 months now. 
It is the day I get checked for breast cancer
No, it is not a standard check. 
It is a "You have a huge lump in your boob, 
We need to check it out" check. 

My doctor has assured me that it is pretty movable, 
after doing a years worth of resarch
cancer isn't very movable and is stuck in place.
At the same time it is pretty large
When I move in a certain way it is visible from the surface. 
BUT I am also younger than the "normal" 
age for Breast Cancer to develop. 
Though I DO have a family history of breast cancer.
^ Pretty much my thought process for the last year sense we found the lump ^

As a way to stay calm 
I have lovingly named my right breast
My "Cancer boob."
I figure making jokes is a great way to deal with things that scare you

So tomorrow is the day I go for an ultrasound. 
That's right, I'm cool enough to get a boobie ultrasound
The fun thing is: Though my doctor sounded fairly sure the lump is not cancer
She wasn't so sure that it could stay in my boob. 
If it is too big they will still have to remove it
And she was definitely worried that it would be too big.
Which I am not looking forward to as I already hate the size of them. 
My cancer lump adds volume to one boob, which is better than no volume.
Did I mention that they will remove it either via surgery or large needle.
I say "nay" to both!
All I have to say is:


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  1. I have had the same thing for a few years now. I had the ultrasound and biopsy. You probably also have a fibroadenoma, which is common at our age, but it's still scary to think about. Mine's also visible and hurts when I drink coffee, because caffeine has a huge affect. I hope your doctor visit goes well, and I pray that you don't actually have cancer. Best of luck, girly! :)