Friday, November 23, 2012

Love, love, love

Talking to Jonathan about a TV he wanted to buy:
Him: "Yeah, it was tempting but then I was like 
'I'm not marrying a TV, 
I got priorities'"

Me: "hahaha Jonathan, just get what you want, 
we're no where near that step any way." 

Him: "Yeah but I wanna get a TV with you
I wanna get dishes with you, 
I wanna get matching towels with you, 
I wanna paint with you, 
and cook with you, 
I wanna get everything with you."

I'm so in love with that man. 

Isn't it amazing, 
how I can be surrounded by family, 
filled with more love than ever for my family, 
and yet still feel painfully alone. 
Next year I'll finally get to spend Thanks Giving with Jonathan,
and it will have only taken us three Thanks Givings to get one together!
Also, just one month and four days till we are together again, 
but who's counting?

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